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welcome to the spain/romano gift exchange!

because everyone needs a cheer up charm~

Spain/Romano Gift Exchange
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What is the Spain/Romano Gift Exchange?

All participants will complete a fic/art fill for another fan, and receive one in return. Each participant will be asked to come up with 2-3 prompts for a gift they would like to receive, and another participant will be assigned to fill at least one of these prompts. Everyone will e-mail their submissions to sparoxchange@gmail.com by December 20th, and the mods will post all the gifts around Christmas time!


1. All fills must be submitted by the deadline, unless you have received an extension from one of the mods. Extensions WILL be given if needed, but must be arranged in advance.
2. This is a secret exchange, so please try to keep who you have secret until your fill has been posted.
3. Fics/art should not be posted anywhere else until after the submission has been posted here. After it has been posted, everyone is free to post their fics/art elsewhere.

Extensions, Dropping, and Pinch Hitting

1. Sometimes things come up and you just can't get your gift in on time. Should this happen, please email sparoxchange@gmail.com and you will be granted a one week extension, meaning your fic is due a week from the original due date. Should you fail to turn in a fic by that point, a pinch hitter will be assigned.
2. If you need to drop out, please let us know as soon as possible. There will be no penalty at all, and you'll still receive a gift. We just need to know so that a pinch hitter can be assigned.
3. In a perfect world, pinch hitters would be given plenty of time before the original due date to work on gifts, but that doesn't always happen! If a pinch hit must go out after the final due date, a new deadline will be worked out, but you still may only have a week or so to work. You are not obligated to pinch hit even if you sign up. Emails will go to all pinch hitters if one is needed, and the first one to reply wanting to pinch hit will get to do so.

Gift Formatting

Fic: Please send all fic as an attatchment to sparoxchange@gmail.com. Expected minimum word count is 1,000 words, but feel free to go above and beyond! Since the mods will be posting all fics, please have any HTML you need in the fic already in the file you send.

Art and Comics: Email as an attachment to sparoxchange@gmail.com. For comics, please put page numbers in the file name so we know which order they go in.

Along with all submissions, please include this header:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Word Count/Media:
Note to Recipient (Optional):

Sign-up Process: November 1st-November 11th
Assignments Go Out: Shortly after sign-ups end
Gifts Due: December 25th
Final Extension Deadline: December 30th